During the hottest and the coldest months of the year, bills will fluctuate to reflect an increase in consumption as a result of the air conditioning or heating systems operating more and lawn irrigation systems.

“COVID-19 impacted BMU with a decline in Industrial and Commercial sales,” said Fitzcharles “but with customers staying and/or working around home more due to COVID-19 pandemic, Residential average household consumption has increased in comparison to prior years. Currently, the only change to the bill is the increase household consumption.”

North West Ohio started experiencing warm temperatures and humid weather conditions in late May and early June. These temperatures coupled with the increase in average Residential consumption, will increase the overall utility bill. The rates have not been adjusted and reflect the rate plans that were adopted by the BPA with utility bills rendered on or after January 20, 2019. BMU’s Power Supply Cost Adjustment (PSCA) has been negative and we have been returning dollars to all of our customers on a monthly basis since May of 2019. The PSCA is forecasted to continue to credit power bills through 2020.

Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) is anticipating with warm temperatures arriving in the area and increased Residential demand due to COVID-19, that customers will receive bills that are higher than lower usage months.

Even if you do not adjust the temperature on your thermostat, warmer weather had the AC operating more often to maintain the desired temperature.
BMU encourages customers to use energy efficiently during periods of peak electric demand. Little changes add up. Turn off any unnecessary lights and appliances, when not in use. Unplug computers and chargers. Run washing machines, electric clothes dryers, and dishwashers at other times of the day. Close curtains and blinds to keep the sun from adding heat to your home or business. Set air conditioner thermostats at 78 degrees. Collectively, even small efforts can make a difference to lower your electric bill.

For help paying your utility bills, several community and state organizations offer utility assistance including the Bryan Good Neighbors Fund (419-636-4924), HEAP (1-800- 282-0880) and Northwest Ohio Community Action Coalition (1-844-493-1193), United Way of Williams County has a Community Information and Referral Hotline ( 800-468-HELP(4357)).