Commercial/Industrial Metering & Rates

We read the water meters on a monthly basis. The only exception to this is during the winter months; we may estimate the bills. Most of the water meters are in meter pits in front yards and if they are snow covered or the temperature is extremely low, our meter readers will not open the pits. Snow cover and underground temperatures help keep the meter from freezing. Go to Consumer Tips for more information about protecting your water lines during cold weather.

We meter and bill water usage in cubic feet and round off to the nearest 100 cubic feet for reading and billing purposes. 100 cubic feet (1 CCF) of water is equal to 748 gallons. Citywide, the average residential bill is 7 CCF, with ranges from 1 CCF to 25 CCF. Water consumption varies widely. Our meter readers make every effort to notify our customers if usage seems abnormal in relationship to the previous usage. This is a service to our customers in an attempt to alert them to possible problems. Our meter readers have discovered many customer leaks just by recognizing abnormal usage.

Commercial/Industrial Water Rates (effective 12-20-2021)

Inside Corporation Outside Corporation
Monthly service charge – Commercial $45.00 $67.50
Monthly service charge – Industrial $55.00 $82.50
Commodity (Usage) charge
first 30,00 cubic ft. $3.10 per 100 cubic ft. $4.65 per 100 cubic ft.
next 170,000 cubic ft. $2.60 per 100 cubic ft. $3.90 per 100 cubic ft.
over 200,000 cubic ft. $2.10 per 100 cubic ft. $3.15 per 100 cubic ft.
Monthly capacity charge
Meter size
5/8″ $11.50 $17.25
3/4″ $11.50 $17.25
1″ $11.50 $17.25
1 1/2″ $45.00 $67.50
2″ $75.00 $112.50
3″ $200.00 $300.00
4″ $400.00 $600.00
6″ $775.00 1,162.50
8″ $1,200.00 $1,800.00

Water Service Connections (effective 02-01-09)

Tap and service line size
3/4″ $  1,200.00 flat fee
1″ $  1,300.00 flat fee
1 1/2″ $2,000.00 deposit
2″ $2,500.00 deposit
4″ $3,000.00 deposit
6″ $4,000.00 deposit

Water service will only be provided where a water main of adequate size exists in front of the property to be served. Any extension or enlargement of water mains or other facilities required to furnish service are subject to the Utility’s water main extension policy and paid for by the water users involved.

If the service line and tap are completed by the owner or contractor, a meter installation charge of $600 for .75″ and $700 for 1.0″ applies.

For more detailed information on taps, service lines and meter installation charges, please call the Utility office at 419-633-6110.

Other Fees

$25 for establishment, re-establishment or reconnection of service at new or different locations
$10 to turn water service off or on for seasonal changes such as lawn irrigation or vacations

Link to a copy of the Bryan Water Department General Rules and Regulations/Water Rates effect. 12.20.2021 or request a copy by calling 419-633-6100 or by e-mailing us at