Bryan Municipal Utilities is a customer-owned, non-profit municipal utility providing the best quality water, electric, and communications services to the residents of Bryan, Ohio.

Our Purpose

  • to provide safe, reliable utility services at low cost
  • to provide operations for the publicly-owned utility system
  • to provide responsive customer service
  • to provide infrastructure for economic development

Our Profile

Bryan Municipal Utilities began over 100 years ago with the establishment of the Bryan waterworks in 1892. Electric service was added in 1896 when the residents of Bryan voted to create their own electric company. Communications services were added in 1998 to provide Bryan with a fiber optic system designed to provide television and high-speed Internet access and data transfer.

Presently, the utility serves approximately 6,000 customers. Since its formation in 1906, the Board of Public Affairs has developed the policies that govern the utility’s operation. The board has focused on providing the residents and businesses of Bryan superior service at a reasonable cost.

Bryan Municipal Utilities is a member of American Waterworks Association, National Ground Water Association, Ohio Rural Water Association, American Public Power Association, American Municipal Power-Ohio, Ohio Public Power Educational Institute, Ohio Municipal Electric Association, Ohio Municipal Energy Group, Ohio Utility Protection Service, Ohio Municipal Electric Generation Agency Joint Venture 4 and Joint Venture 5, and Bryan Chamber of Commerce.

General information: utility@cityofbryan.com