Board of Public Affairs

The Bryan Board of Public Affairs is a five-person board elected to oversee the operations of the community-owned utility. The Board keeps itself informed regularly of utility services, financial position, and personnel. The Board has four committees that meet once a month. At these meetings, management discusses all significant utility activities with the Board.

Board Meetings

The full Board meets the first and third Tuesday of each month in open session at 5 p.m. at the Utility office, 841 East Edgerton St. The public is always welcome.

BPA Meetings are available at this link below.

CLICK HERE:  City of Bryan Public Meetings – BPA Playlist

In 2018, the Bryan Board of Public Affairs—BMU’s governing body—initiated a strategic planning process, the first such strategic planning process in more than 20 years. The strategic plan encompasses 2023-2026 to help preserve for Bryan residents, businesses, and institutions the many benefits of living and working in a municipal utility community. The Board of Public Affairs, BMU senior staff, and participants from each utility department comprised the strategic planning team.

The strategic planning team worked through a series of sessions to update BMU’s vision, mission, and values; review organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; identify key strategic issues for the next three years; develop objectives to achieve the strategic goals; and establish success measures to track the strategic plan’s progress.

To ensure the strategic plan reflects community priorities, BMU staff conducted face-to-face interviews to collect customer opinion information. The Board selected Hometown Connections, Inc., a public power utility services organization, to facilitate the development of the strategic plan with the Board and staff. The primary objective of the strategic plan is to support BMU’s continuing excellence in providing safe, reliable, competitively-priced, and environmentally responsible utility services focused on the customer and community and protected through superior financial, technology, and workforce management.