Current BMU Projects

Fairview Drive Directional Boring Project

Bryan Municipal Utilities plans to replace the direct-buried underground electric lines that currently serve your property and/or residence. The project consists of installing (boring) new conduit and electric wires underground between the transformers & vaults/pedestals within the utility easement(s) located in the rear or side(s) of your property.  This capital improvement project will replace aging wires (40+ years old), improving electric service reliability in the area.

The project limits begin – relating to the Project Map Overview sheet provided with this letter – at the rear of 321 Lawndale Drive, commencing south to the rear of 324 Fairview Drive, then east to the rear of 550 Lawndale Drive & 1210 Bellaire Avenue.  It then continues starting behind 321 Fairview Drive then east until stopping behind 510 Lawndale Drive.  Finishing off the project it begins at the rear of 502 Fairview Drive and continues south to the north side of 420 Fairview Drive.  The project is divided in to three phases known as:  Construction, Installation, and Restoration.  Each phase may require the contractor to be on your property (within the utility easements) multiple times conducting the necessary work in order to achieve full completion of the project.  The exact order of process and location in which the contractor starts and completes their work is subject to change at any time during the project.

S & S Directional Boring, LTD. will be the contractor for this project.  At various times throughout the project the contractor may need to gain access through the rear or side(s) of your property from the roadway with equipment & materials.  We apologize for any inconvenience or disturbance this may cause.  We want to make you aware that all restoration to any part of your property affected by this project will be addressed by the contractor and/or BMU at the end of the project.  This project is estimated to begin its construction phase sometime near the date of July 1st, 2019.

Britton Poynter
Engineering Assistant
Bryan Municipal Utilities


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