Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to increase your home’s security and safety. We supply, install and maintain security lights for our residential, commercial and industrial customers. We offer three energy-efficient options for outdoor lighting:

Residential security light

Residential 80 watt LED Security Light

estimated 15,510 lumens

 for $5.20 per month

Prices include electricity!

Commercial floodlight

250-watt 27,000 lumens high-pressure sodium for $7.80 per month


400-watt 50,000 lumens high pressure sodium for $10.40 per month

Prices include electricity!

NOTE: Security lighting is available to customers where utility’s standard outdoor lighting unit can be installed on existing utility pole and without requiring any extension or addition to existing secondary or primary distribution facilities.

Where additional facilities are required, the customer shall pay in advance the total installation cost for the additional distribution facilities (poles, wires, and appurtenances) as are required. In all cases, the lighting fixture itself, including lamp, will be installed, owned, operated and maintained by Bryan Municipal Utilities.

This service is available only where there is assurance that the service to be furnished will be permanent. BMU reserves the right to refuse to furnish such service when, in the utility’s opinion, the installation will not be of permanent character.

Request forms can be filled out at the utilities office, 841 East Edgerton St.

or downloaded here:  Security Light Request Form

Electric Security Lights Rates – Schedule “SL”