Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) provides streetlight service within the City of Bryan corporation limits as a community service. Additional streetlights may be requested through petition where streetlights do not currently exist or in cases where existing streetlights fail to meet national roadway lighting safety standards. All requests for additional streetlights are subject to approval by the Bryan Board of Public Affairs. Streetlight petitions will be reviewed based on factors including but not limited to the following:

  • BMU electric distribution facilities availability at the requested location(s).
  • Additional streetlight(s) will be located in public rights-of-way for the purpose of improving vehicle-vehicle or vehicle-pedestrian safety, with consideration given to the following locations:
    – Public roadway intersections
    – Pedestrian crosswalks
    – Public parking lots
    – Where no streetlight is within 300 feet of an existing streetlight (except intersections or crosswalks)
    – Potentially hazardous roadway or traffic safety conditions as determined by the Bryan Police Department such as curves or other topographic features that limit line of sight visibility
    – Nighttime traffic accident history as determined by the Bryan Police Department
    – Areas of heavy pedestrian traffic, such as near public buildings, community centers, schools, etc.
  • The proposed streetlight location(s) is not on private property.
  • Sufficient electric equipment and pole space clearance is available at the requested location(s) for additional streetlight(s).
  • Unencumbered funds to purchase and install the requested streetlight(s) are available in annual Electric Department budget appropriations.
  • All property owners abutting the proposed streetlight location(s) that may be impacted by lighting “spillover” from the new streetlight(s) support the Streetlight Petition. Abutting property owners must sign the Streetlight Petition to indicate their support for installation of such additional streetlight(s).
  • The Streetlight Petition on the reverse side of this document is complete and accurate.
  • Streetlight number and types/styles will be determined by Bryan Municipal Utilities. Evaluation of requested streetlight locations, existing area streetlights and type/style of lights and poles will be determining factors on the number, type/style of light and pole installed in the requested area.

Note: The above criteria are intended to collectively serve as minimum guidelines when considering addition of a streetlight(s). Compliance with any single criteria at any given location is not sufficient grounds for petition approval.

Under some circumstances a customer contribution toward the cost of purchasing and installing an additional streetlight(s) may be required. If a Streetlight Petition is denied, individuals or organizations may request a security light. Security light rates, terms and conditions are available on the BMU website at Abutting property owners must not be negatively impacted by such security light. Streetlights are provided for public safety only and not for the purposes of security lighting or aesthetic lighting of private property.

BMU may consider requests for removal of an existing streetlight(s) pursuant to submittal of a citizen petition. Such a petition must demonstrate that existing lighting levels are excessive in providing public safety within the designated area.

Streetlight Petition

Report a Streetlight Outage

We want to keep our neighborhoods well lit and safe at night. Do you know of a streetlight problem? Please report it so we can repair it promptly. All you need to know to report a problem is the pole number and/or the location of the streetlight.

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