Current BMU Alerts

Due to forecasted low temperatures across our region, electricity demand is expected to be high over the next several days. During such high use periods, Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) can establish capacity and transmission peak demands that impact your electric bill for the next year. To help keep electric bills lower, BMU asks customers to voluntarily reduce energy use tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

We want to stress that this is also just a Peak Alert and we do not anticipate any of the rolling blackouts that are happening across the south.

How Can You Help?

By taking these simple steps, you can help save money on your electric bills:

o             Turn off any unnecessary lights and appliances

o             Unplug computers and chargers

o             Set heating thermostats to the lowest comfortable setting

o             Open window blinds or drapes to utilize the sun’s heat

o             Shift household chores, like doing laundry or using the dishwasher, to avoid these hours

Collectively, small efforts can make a difference. By working together, we can help each of us save money on our electric bills. Customers with questions are encouraged to contact BMU at 419-633-6100.

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Stay warm,

Bryan Municipal Utilities

“How many businesses do you know that ask you to use less and conserve the product they sell?” asked Director of Utilities Nathan Gardner. It’s unusual to say the least, but here’s why.

Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) power supply costs are based on the City’s total electric demand during the five greatest annual Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM) Interconnection regional transmission organization’s capacity peaks and also during the one-hour annual American Electric Power (AEP) transmission peak demand.

These peak demand periods typically occur during extreme summer and winter temperatures, due to heavy air conditioner or heating system use. Bryan residents are extremely fortunate that we can operate the Municipal Power Plant, Auglaize Hydroelectric Plant, and Bryan Solar Field during these peak demand periods. The total Bryan electric system transmission loads can then be decreased, resulting in reduced capacity and transmission charges to our community.

When a Peak Alert is issued, you can help decrease the demand by using less energy during these peak demand times. The voluntary conservation efforts during peak demand periods by Bryan businesses, residents, and municipal departments avoided approximately $5 million of additional power supply costs in 2020 and are projected to save over $4.5 million in 2021.

“So, it really isn’t that complicated,” said Gardner, “use less and save more” Any assistance that you are willing and able to provide would be much appreciated. By working together, we can help each of us save money on our electric bills.

Customers are encouraged to check the BMU Facebook Page and website for Peak Alert information and easy tips to help reduce peak electric demands.