Since its inception in 1998, the Communications Department at Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) has provided quality cable and internet services to the residents of the City of Bryan. We offer quality programming for our customers to enjoy, while also providing high-speed internet services to allow advanced communication to family, friends, and businesses across the country and around the world.
On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, the Bryan Board of Public Affairs (BPA) voted to discontinue Digital and Digital HD services. The uniqueness of the BMU system makes it very difficult to continue these services without a large investment. BMU is now focusing on the future of technology. This move will allow BMU to improve the Internet system and allow increased upload/download speeds in the near future.
“We are looking to the future as more television viewers are going to a streaming platform,” said Communications Superintendent, Joe Ferrell. “This will allow us to better serve those citizens of Bryan, while still considering the needs of our Cable TV customers.” The robust analog cable system and pass through of HD off-air programing such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS will still be offered on Basic and Extended Basic cable services, providing over 100 channels of programming.
With the move, customers will benefit from not having to pay monthly fees for set top boxes. BMU will continue to offer all-in-one billing with the analog cable service, high speed internet, as well as other utility and city services. Director of Utilities, Nathan Gardner added, “Even without the digital channel line-up, BMU hopes that our loyal Bryan customers will continue to see the value in the services we offer and the commitment we have to our community.” Our BMU TV Channel 3 and Public Access Channel 4 provide quality, locally produced programming of public events by our communications video department each year. These events include sports, school programs, concerts, parades, and more. BMU also broadcasts local public meetings such as Bryan City Council, Board of Public Affairs, and school board meetings to keep our residents informed. The Communications video department is truly a part of the Bryan community and is committed to delivering events that our customers can enjoy throughout the year.
“We have some of the best technicians in the industry that live right here in the Bryan area,” Ferrell commented, “they remain committed to providing our customer owners with the best possible service.”