BMU Internet service is delivered through our fiber optic network and connected to your computer using a cable modem. Surf the web anytime. The high speed makes downloading graphics, audio streams, and video a snap. Our local Help Desk is available to answer all your questions:

Helpdesk – Call 419-633-0900

Key Benefits

  • High Speed for downloading graphics, streaming audio, and video
  • Superior local service
  • Customer-owned
  • Local help desk
  • Single utility billing

Top 6 Streaming Options

This is not a comprehensive list of available streaming services. These are some of the most commonly used services that BMU is aware of. Links below.
DIRECTV STREAM (Cleveland & Detroit Baseball)
Bryan Municipal Utilities is not affiliated with any company or service listed. BMU is not responsible for pricing or any terms of service. We are providing links to these services only as a courtesy to our customers. BMU and the city of Bryan do not receive any compensation monetary or otherwise from any of these companies or services.

Internet Brochure

Internet Access Rates (effective 4-02-2024)

High speed residential (10 Mbps down/768K up) Monthly charge
Internet service $31.00
Standard modem rental $5.00
Wireless modem rental $10.00
Enhanced High Speed ( 30Mbps down/1.5Mbps up) Monthly charge
Internet service $45.00
Standard modem rental $5.00
Wireless modem rental $10.00
Small business customers (30 Mbps down/3Mbps up) (20 users or less) Monthly charge
Internet service $58.00
Standard modem rental $5.00
Custom installation cost, plus 25%
One static IP address FREE
Each additional static IP address $10.00
Large business and MAN customers

Large business and MAN customers get the reliability
and speed they need with dedicated fiber.
Monthly charge
Internet service (10/10 Mbps) $250.00
Internet service (20/20Mbps) $400.00
Internet service (30/30 Mbps) $550.00
Site survey and installation cost, plus 25%
5 static IP addresses FREE

Link to a copy of the Communications Department General Rules and Regulations or request a copy by calling 419-633-6100 or by e-mailing us at