Communications services were added in 1998 in response to community support for a new cable television system and more opportunities for high-speed data transfers. Bryan Communications Department hybrid fiber coaxial system includes fiber optic loops around the city and coaxial cable to homes and businesses. The system allows us to deliver cable television, Internet, and high-speed data to our customers.

The Communications Department maintains over 50 miles of underground fiber optic lines. Our system is one of the most fiber-rich systems in the U.S. We have 54 fiber nodes with standby battery backup, each serving 80 to 120 homes. The average customer is within a block of a fiber connection. This results in greater bandwidth and more reliability.

Our communications system supports economic development in Bryan and helps keep our city in the list of top 100 small communities in the U.S. Our system is one Bryan can be proud of and use for high-speed access to worldwide communications, education and entertainment. We view our full-service communications utility as another way to serve the citizens of Bryan, and we’ll operate it as we have our electric and water departments over the last 100 years, with low rates and good service.

Community Services

The Communications Department is proud to provide valuable services to the community of Bryan without charge:

  • Fiber optic connection for all Bryan City Schools
  • Fiber optic connection for St. Patrick School
  • Fiber optic connection for all municipal buildings

Contact Information

Please call the Communications Department 419-633-6100

  • sign up for Internet
  • change an existing service
  • disconnect service, or
  • provide a change of name or address.

For installation: 419-633-6100
For after hours service: 419-633-6100

Link to a copy of the Communications Department General Rules and Regulations or request a copy by calling 419-633-6100 or by e-mailing us at