Commercial/Large Power 3-phase Metering & Rates

Electric Metering

We read electric meters once every month. Our meter readers, electric utility workers, and the fire department personnel must have access to all electric meters. When putting on an addition to your home or business, check to see if the meter must be moved. Contact the Electric Department at 419-633-6120 for advice on the best location for the meter. Moving the meter is the responsibility of the homeowner or business. When work on the meter base or main breaker is needed, please give us 48 hours notice to disconnect the service.

The city meters and bills electric use in kilowatt hours.

Meter Accuracy

Electric meters are extremely accurate. Meters are tested before being installed and then tested on a rotating basis to ensure accuracy.

If you feel that there is a problem with your meter, we will test the meter for accuracy. Request forms can be filled out at the utility office, 841 East Edgerton Street. There is a $25 fee to test a meter.

Meter Tampering

Tampering with an electric meter is a federal offense. It is also extremely dangerous.

Only Bryan Municipal Utility personnel are authorized to break or replace a meter seal. If you believe someone is tampering with an electric meter, please contact us immediately at 419-636-6120 or

Commercial & Large Power Electric Rates (effective 4-17-06)

Monthly service charge
Inside Corporation $12.50
Outside Corporation $ 25.00
Monthly usage charge  per kWh
1 to 5,000 kW hours $0.095
5,001 to 10,000 kW hours $0.082
over 10,000 kW hours $0.048
*Add $20.00 per kW of demand over 50 kW
Minimum monthly charge
1-phase $10.00
3-phase $30.00
combined 2- & 3-phase $40.00

3-Phase Customer Assistance

We assist our 3-phase customers in determining transformer size and placement. We also offer a 30 cents per kva discount for customers who purchase their own transformers. The Electric Department will determine the location of the main entrance wire and whether it is metered secondary or primary. Customers are responsible for placing the conduit in ridged pipe or PVC. In most cases, a state wiring permit is needed. The customer is also responsible for pouring the transformer pad. If we supply the transformer, we will also provide drawings for the pad.

Working with your maintenance personnel or electricians, we can use our 3-phase analyzer to assist 3-phase customers in troubleshooting electric problems.

Call the Electric Superintendent at 419-633-6122 for more information.


Specifications for Service

Bryan Municipal Utilities has specifications for overhead and underground service that describe the requirements for installing a residential meter base on a house. All work must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code and BMU specifications. Link to a PDF of the General Specifications for Service

Large Power 3-phase Rates (effective 02-05-08)

Large Power 3-phase Rates

Permits and Fees

Any new construction or electric service upgrade will require a $20 wiring permit, plus the cost of the electrical meter base, call our office for details, 419-633-6100