BMU Video

BMU Video has been providing local programming to the Bryan community for more than 15 years. We offer coverage of local meetings, including the Board of Public Affairs, City Council, Planning and Zoning and the Board of Education. BMU Video got its start with the rebroadcast of Golden Bear Sports, and that has not stopped.

All BMU Video programming is available online as well as on-air. Link to our BMU Video YouTube Channel to watch local meetings and school programs online.

When programming is not on the air, BMU Video provides a free Community Calendar for non-profit organizations on Channel 4. BMU offers local businesses the chance to run scrolling advertisements on Channel 3 to promote their products and companies. Please send the information you would like to have advertised or attach a premade flyer to

The City of Bryan has had a long tradition of the arts, and we strive to help preserve this tradition through our broadcasting of the BHS Orchestra, Choir and Band Shows throughout the year. Christmas is especially fun for us as we bring you the Christmas programs from the local schools.

DVD Orders

Did you know that you can order a DVD of any game or event carried on BMU Channels 3 & 4? Below, is a list of some of the titles we have available:

Boys & Girls Soccer Softball Baseball Boys & Girls Basketball
Football Extra Point Volleyball Cross Country
Wrestling Track All-Star Cage Classic BHS Orchestra
BHS Choir BHS Band General BCS Programs Community Events
Parades City Band City Orchestra Fountain City Pageant

DVDs are $20 each. Click to print an order form: BMU Video Order Form Mail the form along with your payment to BMU Video, 841 E. Edgerton St., Bryan, OH 43506. Call us for a complete list or if you have any questions.

Contact BMU Video

Kris Bryce Local Programming and Production 419-633-6134
Link to a copy of the BMU Video DVD Sales & Production Policy or request a copy by calling 419-633-6134 or by e-mailing us at
Link to a copy of the Bryan PEG & Commericial Access Rules and Regulations or request a copy by calling 419-633-6100 or by e-mailing us at