May 1, 2021

Bryan Municipal Utilities will begin flushing fire hydrants throughout the city of Bryan on Monday. Courtesy photo

The Bryan Water Department will begin its annual water main flushing program on May 3. Bryan Municipal Utilities said it should take about two to three weeks to complete.

“We start by flushing large diameter water mains and then move to smaller lines,” said Bryan Water Superintendent Derek Schultz.

Crews will flush hydrants neighborhood by neighborhood. Schultz asks that residents refrain from washing laundry between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Friday when crews are in their area.

Water customers may experience rusty or discolored water during the flushing program, Schultz said. In most cases, the condition is temporary, with water quality returning to normal as flushing in that section of the city is completed.

Hydrant flushing causes sediment in the lines to break loose, which can lead to brown water. This water is still safe, but it is recommended that residents do not drink discolored water. Brown water can take up to a week to make it into a home. If you notice discoloration, run the cold water in your tub for five to 10 minutes or until it becomes clear.