Economic Development Rate

The EDR program is aimed at large, energy-intensive businesses sensitive to the cost of electricity. The rate is applicable to qualified commercial/industrial customers receiving electric service from BMU under the Large Power Rate. The rate is available only to new loads where the demand of the new load equals or exceeds 200 kW at 55% load factor or 79,200 kWh per month during at least three months of a twelve-month period.

As an incentive for adding the new load at its facility, BMU agrees to provide the business a $0.01 per kWh discount on power used in excess of its base monthly usage. The discount will be applied for a three-year period. The business must enter into a contract to purchase power from BMU for five years.

Customers desiring to take advantage of Schedule EDR must file an application with BMU for approval prior to initiation of electric service to the new or expanded load. BMU will need information concerning the additional load to be served and the basis that the load will meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

For more information, please link to the rules and eligibility requirements passed by the Bryan Board of Public Affairs: Schedule EDR

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