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Since 1840, Bryan has been a vibrant community at the center of life in Northwestern Ohio. Bryan is located in the heart of the industrial Midwest, just minutes from Michigan and Indiana at the center of the country’s economic growth. Bryan’s central location in the U.S. reduces shipping costs and improves transport times by 24 to 48 hours. The Ohio Turnpike and the rail system provide high-speed transportation and economic development options with easy access to Chicago, Detroit and the world.

Bryan is a friendly community combining large city conveniences with small town charm. Companies with national and international markets currently enjoy the quality schools, the safe countryside with affordable real estate, and the enriched culture of the city of Bryan, the county seat of Williams County.

Bryan is located near several major metropolitan airports, including Ft. Wayne International and Toledo Express. The Williams County Airport, just two miles to the east of Bryan, accommodates corporate jets, private planes, and small freight companies.

Bryan Municipal Utilities is dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of our community. We recognize that energy can be a significant factor in the cost of doing business and influence business decisions. So BMU offers Schedule EDR, an electric rate incentive, to qualified businesses that expand or locate their operations in the City of Bryan. Qualified businesses may receive a discount of a $0.01 per kWh on their electric rate for a three-year period. Read more about the EDR program below.

Bryan Industrial Park

Bryan’s original industrial park, located on East Wilson Street, is 88 acres and home to 15 small manufacturing, wholesale supply, and shipping businesses. The park currently has six vacant lots ranging in size from 4.2 to 8.5 acres available for small to mid-size companies. The sites are fully shovel-ready with electric, water, fiber, sewer and natural gas and priced at $7,500 per acre.

Bryan Industrial Park North

The City of Bryan purchased 80 acres to develop a second industrial park on the north side of Bryan in 2014. Four 20-acre lots are provided with municipal electric, water, communications, sanitary and storm sewer. Natural gas for the sites is available from the Ohio Gas Company.

Economic Development Rate

The EDR program is aimed at large, energy-intensive businesses sensitive to the cost of electricity. The rate is applicable to qualified commercial/industrial customers receiving electric service from BMU under the Large Power Rate. The rate is available only to new loads where the demand of the new load equals or exceeds 200 kW at 55% load factor or 79,200 kWh per month during at least three months of a twelve-month period.

As an incentive for adding the new load at its facility, BMU agrees to provide the business a $0.01 per kWh discount on power used in excess of its base monthly usage. The discount will be applied for a three-year period. The business must enter into a contract to purchase power from BMU for five years.

Customers desiring to take advantage of Schedule EDR must file an application with BMU for approval prior to initiation of electric service to the new or expanded load. BMU will need information concerning the additional load to be served and the basis that the load will meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

For more information, please link to the rules and eligibility requirements passed by the Bryan Board of Public Affairs: Schedule EDR

Contact Information

For more information about sites in Bryan’s industrial parks, please contact

Matt Davis, Executive Director
Williams County Economic Development Corporation
1425 East High Street
Bryan, OH  43506

Link to a copy of the Bryan Industrial Park Building Guidelines and Bryan Industrial Park North Guidelines

To receive an economic development proposal or to explore what this rate can mean for your business contact The Director of Utilities, 419-633-6100.