About BMU

Bryan Municipal Utilities is a customer-owned, non-profit municipal utility providing the best quality water, electric, and communications services to the residents of Bryan, Ohio.

City Representatives Take Electric Issues to Capitol Hill

Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade and BPA member Karen Ford (on right) recently met with Congressman Bob Latta in Washington, D.C. to discuss federal issues that impact local electric bills (AMP Photo) Mayor Carrie Schlade and BMU representatives recently met with federal legislators in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues impacting local electric rates. Mayor [...]

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Cable TV Spring Sun Outage

Twice each year, in the spring and in the fall, cable companies, like BMU,experience a phenomenon known as “sun outages.” Basically a sun outage occurs when a satellite from which we receive TV programming becomes directly in line with the Sun, and interference from the Sun’s electromagnetic rays create reception issues for the satellite signals. [...]

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Tips to prevent frozen water lines

While temperatures have been above normal so far, the forecast calls for temperatures cold enough to freeze unprotected water lines. The Bryan Water Department would like to encourage residents to take the following precautions: Protect exposed pipes from cold air drafts by closing and sealing windows and any exposed openings in basements or crawlspaces. Provide [...]

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BMU/Ohio Gas Company offer 2018 Business Energy Update November 9

Bryan Municipal Utilities, the Ohio Gas Company, the Bryan Area Chamber of Commerce and the Williams County Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO), will host a 2018 Energy Update session on November 9 for local business and industrial customers. “Many local organizations are preparing their 2018 budgets. Utilities are often significant parts of these budgets,” said BMU [...]

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OMEA Names Three Members to Honorary Board

(L-R) Jim Salsbury, Al Horn , Bryan Mayor - Doug Johnson The Ohio Municipal Electric Association (OMEA) recently held its annual General Membership Meeting in Columbus, Ohio. During this meeting, OMEA members approved 10 new honorary members, three of whom were longtime City of Bryan municipal power advocates. Bryan Mayor Douglas “Doug” Johnson [...]

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Electric Bills to Decrease Under New Rate Plan

The first phase of a multiyear Bryan Municipal Utilities (BMU) electric rate plan is scheduled to take effect beginning with bills issued next week. For most local consumers, the plan will result in decreased electric bills. On August 15, the Bryan Board of Public Affairs approved the first step of a proposed three-year electric rate [...]

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Auglaize Hydroelectric Plant eligible for additional renewable energy credits

Working with Ohio Municipal Electric Association representatives, Bryan Municipal Utilities was successful in its efforts to include language in the recently adopted state budget bill that will help reduce local power supply costs.  Since 1996, Bryan Municipal Utilities has owned and operated the Auglaize Hydroelectric Plant, a 4,300-kilowatt hydroelectric generating station on the Auglaize River [...]

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Link to a copy of the 2016 Water Report by Clicking Here

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BMU Annual Report

Link to a copy of the 2016 Annual Report by Clicking Here

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BMU Welcomes New Director

Bryan Municipal Utilities would like to welcome Kevin M. Maynard as the Director of Utilities.  Kevin is a 1979 graduate of Stryker High School, and graduated with honors in 1981 from Northwest State Community College, Archbold, with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electromechanical Engineering. He graduated magna cum laude from The Defiance College [...]

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